Sunday, 24 September 2017

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Today I have been wrestling with my radar, at the moment it's radar 1 - Old Git 0!
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day! Here are my latest efforts trawlwd from that Interweb thingy!

Thanks Susi!

Big Bus - small ferry...

Love the Cousins' marketing!

What a difference 10 years makes!

Chevvy courtesy of Thomas Chippendale!

New twist on Planking, helping your mate on board!


Feline Hell's Angel!

Two nuns sitting next to two trannies,
 I wonder what's going through the sister's mind!

Necessity is the mother .........etc!

Another 3d street painting

Novel Noughts and Crosses game!

I need atmosphere - Give me atmosphere!!!

No I only have to open my bank's webpage!!!

True so true!

How to do the soft shoe shuffle!

Man v/s Tram

Harwich Weather for Monday

Outbreaks of rain and drizzle will die out during the morning with all parts of Essex generally dry and warm by afternoon with brighter spells. High or very high air pollution levels.
Maximum temperature: 18 deg C 
Wind: South-East 7 mph, gusting 15 mph

UV Level: 2 | Pollen Level: 1 | Air Pollution: 7
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for calling by!



Saturday, 23 September 2017

Saturday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Our exciting day started with vacuuming, it got a bit better when I walked along the promenade. Now I am publishing early, as we are having dinner with son and daughter in law - belated birthday present. Here are your funnies...

Balloons deflating in Canada leave an ice shell!

Blondes - this is Audio


Thanks Gloria!

Sorry about the "F" word, but couldn't resist!

Cumbrians like No Nonsense!

Thanks Ann!

Said from the heart!

Thanks again Ann!

Don't forget your card!

This chap.............wha?

This could be yours' truly!!!

Thanks Gloria!

Meet iPhone X man!

This wood and resin lamp seems to be on fire!

Karen Gillan's body doubles

It's only perspective!

An Italian Fork - and I kind of get it!

Realistic sculpture -
Very, Eh boys?

Here they are using 3D street paintings to try and make drivers slow down!

More Engrish!

Could have been spectacular!

Dovercourt High St !

Harwich Weather for Sunday

A dry and bright day with plenty of pleasant sunny spells. The sunshine will have a hazy look at times, but it will feel warm throughout.
Maximum temperature: 19 deg C 
Wind: South-East 9 mph, gusting 18 mph

UV Level: 4 | Pollen Level: 1 | Air Pollution: 1
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Thanks as ever for your support!



Friday, 22 September 2017

Your Weekend Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, The weather was kind today, so much so that I took a short boat trip solo this morning.
Now I shall do my very best to come up with more pictorial fun for your delectation!

These shoes have been in the forest for quite a while!

Reg on Maggie!

At the Golden Gate Bridge opening in 1937
and yes it nearly collapsed!

Only in Russia - Bear in traffic!

In his Mum and Dad's house he swapped a picture of Jesus for a picture
of Ewan McGreggor as Luke Skywalker.....they still haven't noticed
in two years!

Inspirational quote of the day!

At a recent meeting President Trudeau was wearing Chewbacca socks!

This flytipper got his own back!
We need more of this!

How about........an aircraft being struck by lightning in a rainbow!

Love this for initiative!

The floor is actually flat
this is messing with my brain!

This is novel, but over 40 years ago we had a musical
toilet roll holder that played "God Save the Queen!

Not quite what he had in mind!

Thanks Robert!

Nothing to say!

Thanks again Robert!

It was quiet in work today!

Most younger people won't have a clue!

Ha Ha!

This Engineer made this for an advert - before the days of CGI !

Shy Parrot!

Is that.........No! It can't be!

Who's that?.........I'm off!

Harwich Weather for Saturday

Generally cloudy and misty with patchy rain to start. Sunny spells are likely to develop during the morning. Feeling pleasantly warm through the afternoon in sunshine with light winds.
Maximum temperature: 17 deg C 
Wind: South-East 9 mph, gusting 18 mph
Thanks Essexweather.com

UV Level: 4 | Pollen Level: 1 | Air Pollution: 1

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