Monday, 15 January 2018

Monday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was another soggy day here with a rising wind. We therefore huddled indoors and watched "Goodbye Christopher Robin" a gentle and mild film! Now I must focus on the job in hand to try once again to amuse y'all!

Meet the Controller at Hawaii Missile Defense

Fry on Trump

Another rip in the Matrix!

Icicles 20 storeys high!

He just had to do that!

We bury our mistakes!

Is it me or has it become draughty in here!

It is built into our genes - eh guys?

PC Plod does it again!

It's happened again - this time in Washington DC!

At last a little realism !

Tell Schrodinger I lived!

Schrodinger' cat - Google it!

It's a LIE!

A young couple were having trouble getting their baby to sleep
 Their neighbours gave them this cross stitch!

I am led to believe that is Paris Hilton

Blissfully unaware!

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

Cold, windy conditions will persist with sunny spells and isolated showers. These occasionally falling as sleet or snow, however no accumulations are expected.
Maximum temperature: 6 deg C 
Wind: South-West 18 mph, gusting 33 mph
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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, We had a family visit from Helen's sister and her husband today. Now that they have left I will start to dig up a little bit more fun material
in the hope of making you giggle!

First introduction to snow - isn't going well!

I don't know about this, but worth a try I guess!

To be frank!........

Sometimes you just can't help it!

Thanks Derek!

I know what you're thinking!

This is rather like the big red button that you must not press!

Sometimes the biter's bit!

Protest is becoming the norm!
Seen on the Federal Building in San Francisco!

Of the 90% some are uncaring pieces of sh*t!!!

Cosplay, Zena........overdid the ears I think!

One way! - a bit like
Johnny cash in "One piece at a time!"

A Bumper Edition of QI Wisdom!

Mountain reflection....

This is a demo of the power of air pressure!
I first saw this in a physics lesson about 60 years ago!

Harwich Weather for Monday

Overnight rain eases through the morning, clearing the Essex Coast by midday. Sunny spells will then follow, but also isolated blustery showers. Winds will strengthen later.
Maximum temperature: 10 deg C 
Wind: South-West 17 mph, gusting 33 mph
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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Saturday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, I confess that I didn't go outside today. We were going out with friends, but domestic goddess was unwell, so we murdered a movie or two. Now nose back to the grindstone more funnies to find for your entertainment...

Amazon feedback request....Yes the pet carrier is really roomy!

Layla competition!

Adapted from the "Poo" Imoji!

I am just a teeny bit sceptical about this!

Nice of you, but he says it's not his wallet!

Drive thru - with kids!

Thanks Gloria!

Love the Cousins' stuff, but sometimes I find it hard to reconcile the humour!

Now that wasn't clever Sheila!

One reason to buy a hybrid I have one but not for the same reason!!!

Food Chain!

It took 5 years and $40,000 to produce this joke!!!

Wondering what was said to Emma?

It pays not to celebrate too soon!

Harwich Weather for Sunday

Largely dry with often large amounts of cloud, but bright or sunny spells may occur once early fog clears. Light winds, but still feeling chilly.
Maximum temperature: 6 deg C 
Wind: South-East 6 mph, gusting 13 mph
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Friday, 12 January 2018

Your Weekend Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was nice and sunny in the middle of the day so I shot off to the boat to fix a few things while it was dry. I think this will be the last visit for a while, it's going to be much colder next week. Now for more fun stuff to amuse you over the weekend...........that includes Colin  

Caught him in mid - shake

How about a girl in her undies playing a really mean guitar? What's not to like?

Leaking roof, water trapped behind the paint (at the moment!)

The ice in his Evian looks like an alp!

You don't say!

2000 year old Roman shoe found down a well

You know I have this theory, that 90% of them are cabbages?
Here are a few of them!

OK shuffle and deal please!

Just love the Cousins' slogans!

Concise and to the point!

Remember "American Gothic"? - Here's American Gardening!

Hmmm! Dual standards!

Might just work!

This pencil has seeds on the end, when it's too small to use,
stick it in the ground and you might get a tree!

This Italian Coastguard Newfie is about to be lowered from this helicopter on a rescue

Tinder weirdness!

Rallying - sideways!

Not your day sunshine!

Harwich Weather for Saturday

Mainly dry and cloudy with limited bright or sunny intervals and perhaps some patchy drizzle, especially at first. Generally feeling cold with breezy conditions.
Maximum temperature: 6 deg C 
Wind: South-East 13 mph, gusting 24 mph
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